Kaviar (~Known VARiants) is a compilation of SNVs, indels, and complex variants observed in humans, designed to facilitate testing for the novelty and frequency of observed variants.

  • Kaviar contains 169 million SNV sites (including 37M not in dbSNP) and incorporates data from 34 projects encompassing 77,238 individuals (13.0K whole genome, 64.3K exome).
  • Kaviar also contains 48 million short indels and substitutions from a subset of the data sources.
  • Kaviar excludes cancer genomes but includes some data from cell lines and individuals affected by disease.
  • An effort was made to exclude data from related individuals.
  • Release notes, known issues, and changelog
  • Auxiliary info for some data sources.
  • Treemap depiction of sources.
  • Caution: variant novelty need not imply functional or clinical relevance. Conversely, known variants may have unknown functional implications. In some cases, even the reference form may be the detrimental variant.